About us

Kostylo are a company with an artistic soul and with rich craft traditions, which is based on eighteenth-century techniques that ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship. Our works are original works of art, signed, created in unit quantities.

Our studio creates artistic, exclusive, unique brass products and natural materials (marble, glass, wood, leather), i.e.: lighting, furniture, decorations and accessories, and any design for any interior and for any decor (eg to the flat, company, museum and collectors).

These charming additions are hand-made and decorated (chiseled, gilded) made with attention to detail, inspired by different styles, and these are their own original designs. We offer brass items such as: lamps, chandeliers, candelabras, caskets, exclusive Faberge wall clocks, mirrors, statues, sculptures, stylish picture frames and reproduction of works of art. We realise individual orders according to the project or customer idea.