About us

We are a craft and jewelry manufactory with a long tradition which uses the methods of nineteenth-century techniques that ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.

The manufactory is a family company in which the ancestors were blacksmiths, masters creating exclusive furniture upholstered with mass of pearl and marble, craftsmen and finally jewelers. The collection of the whole knowledge passed on from generation to generation allowed us to create luxurious and beautiful artefacts.

We are a company that never gives up and keeps moving forward to create constantly improving luxury items. Our company has gone through many difficult moments, from destruction and losses during World War II, through thefts and fraudulent payers, to continue to exist on the market and create products of the highest quality, which enjoy the eye of our most demanding Clients.

We make luxurious and uncommon utility items. We often use very rare striped flint for our products, since we fell in love with this stone of optimism. In our artworks we also often use amber, jade, nephrite, malachite, charoite or chrysoprase. These are the favorite gemstones that beautifully look in our luxury items. Our specialties are luxurious: caskets, hanging and standing clocks, inkpots for writing utensils and cell phones, letter openers, trouser belts, which are perfect as business gifts and wonderful presents for people close to us.

If you need to surprise someone with an original gift, if you adore beautiful items that no one else has, then you have found the perfect solution. We invite you to cooperation.


Our motto: We want to create luxurious items that will be an excellent investment in the future.


Our mission:

We want to produce unique and luxurious objects of applied art.

We want to help people relish our luxury items, which will also be a great investment.

By creating handmade, beautiful, luxurious and expensive artefacts, we want our Clients to beautify their lives and interiors.

The company’s mission is to provide Clients who adore gorgeous items with high quality, beautiful and luxurious handmade products using the method of nineteenth-century casting, jewelry and craft techniques such as: standing or hanging classical and museum clocks, caskets, figural candelabras, belts for trousers and dresses, letter openers, classic and stylish inkpots encased in rare striped flint.


Our vision:

Our vision is to create world-class exclusive everyday items, encased in gemstones, which will be a great investment for its owner.

We want to develop for you successively in the old jewelry craft.